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There’s more than one way to 1031 exchange investment property. This forum explores the various 1031 exchange structures and strategies available to real estate investors.
Acquire and hold title to your real or personal property in a California Title Holding Trust. The California Title Holding Trust provides a method for confidentially holding or owning real or personal property.
Discussion regarding commercial real estate, including office, industrial, retail, warehouse, investment and multi-family real property.
Discussion of buying, holding and selling tenant-in-common investment properties as replacement property solutions for 1031 tax deferred exchanges.
Do you have questions or concerns about your wealth or leaving a legacy? How do you grow wealth prudently? How do you diversify? How do you protect your assets from "creditors, predators, in-laws and outlaws?" What is the best way to leave assets to heirs? How do I minimize my inome, capital gain, gift and estate taxes? What are the best ways to prepare my heirs to receive my assets? All this and more here....
Confused about investment real estate tax issues? Ask our real estate tax experts here!
This is the place to discuss real estate related legal issues and to share success stories in your real estate legal challenges.
Got a question or a comment on real estate financing for investment property? Find your answer here by asking our loan and mortgage experts.
Do you have questions about Asset Management or Property Management? Ask them here.
Looking for closure on questions about a real estate transaction? Here’s the place to look.
Have questions about short sales, foreclosures, trustee sales or loan or mortgage modifications and restructuring? Trying to decide which is the better way to go? Ask the experts here.
Are you in the middle of a 1031 Exchange and having trouble finding suitable like-kind replacement properties? This Forum is for you. See the TIC Investment Forum as well.
News, announcements, general issues and chatter about Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC.
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